Eco friendly food Bowl for Rabbits – Natural no PVC – blue

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Eco friendly food Bowl for Rabbits – Natural without PVC – blue

A healthier alternative to the regular plastic bowl

This sweet sky blue rabbit bowl for food is much like the normal plastic bowls on the market, but is a healthier alternative for your rabbit. It is hard but at the same time soft to touch, and it is almost impossible to break, like ordinary porcelain bowls. Rabbits can gnaw in plastic and thereby get small plastic pieces in the stomach, which are filled with toxins and are highly degradable. This food bowl is very hard and does not invite gnawing. In addition, it is made of a slightly degradable wheat straw material , without PVC, BPA or heavy metals. A Eco friendly food Bowl for Rabbits.


Advantages of this alternative feeding bowl:

  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • No Toxic substances
  • Colored with natural colors
  • Slightly degradable in nature
  • Hard and durable material


Measure: with 4,5” and height 2,5”

Weight: 77g


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