Sustainable cat Litter Box made of Rice Fibers – No Plastic

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Sustainable Cat Litter Box made of Rice Fibers and Bamboo in Blue

Environmentally friendly Litter Tray. No more Plastic for a good conscience

See here is a really sustainable cat litter tray made of plant fibers. It is made of rice husk and bamboo, hence it is very environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly cat litter made of plants is very strong and durable and has a high back that prevents waste of cat litter when your cat scratches in it. And it’s easy to click the top and bottom parts together after cleaning.

We use too much plastic. And it damages the environment. There are small microscopic pieces of plastic everywhere in nature, in the ocean and also in the animals we eat. Every minute we emit what corresponds to a truck full of plastic in the oceans, for example, when we clean plastic bowls, small microscopic pieces are detached as ends in nature. Plastics are inside ordinary products such as beer, fish and mussels.

Beco Pets is one of The Good Shopping Guides high-ranking ethical dog food brands:

Here is the Award

Beco Pets made this lovely environmentally friendly cat litter this of a fantastic blend of bamboo and rice husk material, which makes this organic “plastic material” sustainable. Use this with a good conscience. It feels and behaves like hard plastic and looks good in your home.

Also see our matching blue cat litter scoop made of organic corn and bamboo 😀

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Natural Bamboo and Rice Husk

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