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Blue – Model and Test Panel

This is Blue. He is a 9 years old bengal cat, and daddys cat. He has a really speciel personality. He likes to play tough and wild. And hi also likes to be vacuumed. When he sleeps, he likes to sleep face down in the mattress, that really looks funny. Sometimes he attacks dad totally out of the blue, and bites him so hard, that he bleeds, then he gets a “Time out” in his voliere. Hi can’t go outside, because he is not able to find his way back home by himself. Once he ran away, and we couldn’t find him, so we hang posters outside everywhere. A lady found him out in the woods. As he came home, he wouldn’t leave daddys side for many days. After a week he became his strange self again.

Blue is extremely choosy with his food. We tried to give him almost every food brand on the market. He would rather starve that eat it. Actually he looks at us as if he is really insulted, if we try to give him some random cat food. Hi doesn’t eat raw meat, or beef or chicken either. The only 3 things we have ever seen him eat is, som food for choosy cats, which is mostly made of corn, with no taste, our Eden Pet foodand tuna from a can.

We have a nickname for Blue. We sometimes call him “Braindead” (with love of caurse), because he has this totally empty look in his eyes, like there is literally nobody home 😀

He is so cute and we love him very much.

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MIS – Model and Test Panel

This is Mis. She is about 3 years old, and Iduns best friend. She is just the best and sweetest cat imaginable. She is alway calm and patient no matter what happens around her. Even when Brage is petting her in his own rough baby way. And she loves Idun. When Idun get to bed at night, Mis always follows her into bed.

We got her a few years ago, when we called our lokal animal rescue center. We didn’ actually want to adopt a cat, but were ment to be foster family for a few month in spring. Every spring the animal rescue center has a lot of cats with kittens, that have no homes. Because the kittens have to get use to humans, they need foster families. We took Mis and her kitten (Kylling) in, and we just couldn’t say goodbye to Mis. She is just to lovely. Kylling now lives with a nice family with two little girls.

Mis absolutely eats everything. All kinds of cat food, meat, pizza crusts, strawberry, potato chips and smoothie 😀

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Nini – Model and Test Panel

This is Nini. She is a brand new family member, just being an adult and a nice young lady. We had another rabbit before. His name was Ninus, but he was unfortunately given cancer. He lived freely around in our home, like the two cats, and were really good friends with them. Actually he was the boss of this house. We miss him a lot and hope that Nini and the cats will be as good as Ninus was.

Nini and mis are giving it a shot
Nini and mis are giving it a shot



Who is Huldrapets

Our website address is: https://huldrapets.com

Tlf nr is : comming soon

Email is: info@huldrapets.com

We live in Denmark and send all our goods for your pet from Denmark.

Hello, Dear Animal Lover

We are a family from Denmark who loves all animals and nature! We want to express and share this passion with the world. Therefore, we have now launched this shop, Huldrapets, with lovely environmentally friendly, organic and healthy products for your bunny or cat, completely without toxic chemicals. All with your pet’s health and with the ecosystem of nature in mind.

Hard to find healthy and organic stuff for pets

In our family we have always had many pets and we love them, so we always want to give them the best of the best. But whenever we are in one of our local pet stores, we can’t ever find anything really cool. We have also had difficulty finding some good animal food, taking into account both the health of the pet, the life of the slaughterers animals and the ecosystem of nature. Huldrapets loves ALL animals, also the ones in our pets food. We have chosen some great pet foods especially for your pet, with high healthy quality for your pet, and with the production animals wellfare in mind. See our Pet food for cats from Eden, real Superfood. And you can read more about dem and what they believe in on Edens own webside.

Why we made Huldrapets

One day we said to ourselves, that there must be a better pet shop out there. Therefore we are here today, with our little shop with, what we think, are some cool designs and organic products for your pet. We are making sure that the slaughterer animals have had a good life too. We wish to be experts in rabbits health products and organic cat products.

As we said; animals are our great passion. We hope you think it’s fun looking at our bunny and cat shop, and that you find the right thing for you and your best friend. We will continuously build our range of lovely, useful and organic pet products. And hopefully we can also expand the range of our own designs.

We are doing everything ourselves, and we know our English language is not perfect. So please bear over with us, for our misspellings. If you feel like it, you are most welcome to wright too us, and correct our spelling flaws 😀

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the email below, we will answer you as soon as possible.


Holmesvinget 4, 2tv

8270 Højbjerg

CVR DK 39732742

tlf 50509464


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